• The Promotional Tangle!

    Posted on August 24, 2014 by PaulM in New products.
    Tangle Toy

    Fully custom-branded Tangle Toy

    It’s been some years since the Tangle was available as an easy-to-get promotional item in Australia.

    But now, it’s back!

    This is one of the niftiest, coolest promotional items around.

    Does it have any practical value?  Hmm… perhaps not.  Not like a USB stick, or a pen, or a torch.  But, it is one of the most entertaining anti-stress devices and brain tools you’ll ever get your hands on.  And once you do get your hands on one, you’ll find it hard to put down.

    More importantly, your customers will find it hard to put down!  If your brand competes for mindshare in a crowded market, it’s hard to imagine a gadget that gives you better value for money to keep your brand name in front of eyeballs!

    McDonalds Tangle

    Example custom-branded Tangle

    Some giveaway promotional items will disappear into a desk drawer forever, or perhaps even be thrown away within weeks (or even days) of your promotional event.  But no-one is going to be throwing away a Tangle!  It’s just too cool to be tossed out.

    Importantly, more than just a print of your brand name, logo, and/or message, the Tangle can be supplied with the links manufactured to match your corporate colours exactly.  That’s right – these are not just the stock red, blue and green, etc., but can be made in your exact PMS colours.  So when you’re handing out the coolest promotional toy in a long time, you’re handing out a fully-branded little package of coolness.

    For a short time only, these are available at a special price and a special minimum order quantity – see our product page for details, or contact us to ask for more info.  Once the introductory offer is over, prices and minimum order quantities are likely to rise.

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