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    Posted on October 4, 2012 by PaulM in New products.

    EG SPACE Eclipse Watching GlassesHave you considered eclipse-watching as a promotional opportunity?  Or even just a great staff bonding event?

    On November 14 this year – that’s less than 6 weeks away! – Australia will experience a total solar eclipse.

    A solar eclipse is caused by the moon passing directly between the sun and earth, effectively casting a shadow of the moon over parts of the earth.  A total solar eclipse is when the moon completely blocks all light from the sun (for a few minutes), turning day into night!

    The best spots for viewing the eclipse in Australia this year will be around Cairns in North Queensland.  However, you’ll still get spectacular views elsewhere in Australia. For example, Sydney will experience a 59% partial eclipse view and Melbourne 42%.  Further north is even better of course, and Brisbane will see an 80% partial eclipse.

    Looking at the sun at any time is dangerous, but even more so during a solar eclipse.  The intensity of the sun often isn’t fully appreciated during an eclipse, and looking directly into it can cause permanent retina damage.  There are two safe ways to view a solar eclipse:

    1. Indirectly, using a pinhole camera.
    2. With the help of special eclipse viewing glasses.  Important: You can’t use just any extra-dark glasses – this would not be safe!  Eclipse-watching glasses need to be equivalent to welder’s goggles with a strength of 14 or higher, or special purpose glasses that meet the relevant standards.

    Our eclipse viewing glasses conform to European standard Council Directive 89/686 for personal protective equipment.  They block out 100% of all ultra-violet and infra-red light, and 99.999% of the visible light intensity, making them safe for direct viewing of solar eclipses.
    They can be supplied unbranded, or printed with your company logo and/or message (two positions available for printing – one on either side).

    Note that lead time is 3-4 weeks (for custom printed  glasses), so you need to act quickly to order in time for the November 14 eclipse!

    Please order or enquire using our product page here.

    This is a great way to get your team together for a truly unique – and low-cost – experience, or simply use as an unusual medium for your advertising!

    EG SPACE Eclipse Watching Glasses POS Display




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