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    Posted on October 31, 2012 by PaulM in New products.

    Now available!

    The genuine Oz Bullet Pen is hand-made by ex-servicemen, from real .308 rifle shells.  Upbeat is now sourcing these direct from the makers.

    The Digger Bullet Pen

    The bullet pen is a truly unique gift that you can be sure will be kept by its recipient forever. While we think these are well suited to outdoors types – hunters, anglers, golfers, shooters, etc., basically anyone would appreciate something as distinctive as this. We suggest it is a good fit for employees and/or VIP customers, especially in male-dominated industries.
    The basic and most popular model is The Digger.  This is actually made from two brass .308 rifle shell casings – one for the top and one for the bottom. It includes a Cross black ink twist refill, commonly available at stationers and newsagents.

    All bullet pens include a free gift pouch. Optional extras: Hard gift case, range of nibs (gold, silver, copper) and pocket clips – rifle shaped, fishing, cross.

    Also available: The Elite Range, featuring The CommandoThe HunterThe GuerillaThe Bushman, and The Sheila.

    And The Luxury Range, including The Boss (made from a 50 calibre rifle shell) and Cherish.  See the whole range in the gallery below.

    All bullet pens come with a standard 2-year replacement warranty (exclusions: Extreme wear and tear, loss, ink refills, custom printing on the barrel).

    Ask us about  engraving (or custom printing) of your logo or special message on your bullet pens.

    Here is our purchase page for The Digger, or for this and all other models, decoration options and accessories you can contact us to request a quote direct.

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