• Boombox V2 portable vibration speaker

    Posted on October 25, 2012 by PaulM in New products.

    Boombox v2 point of sale displayThe Boombox V2 portable vibration speaker is here, and available now as a unique promotional gift!

    Simply plug in to your music device (mp3 player, iPhone, iPod, smart phone, laptop, etc.), then stick the speaker pad unit to any surface, and viola!  Instant speaker.

    See how it works in this short and sweet 2 min video:


    It’s nice and compact, so you can carry it around in your pocket.  The Boombox v2 is now available in six funky colours.

    It will work on almost any smooth surface, from a paper coffee cup, to an esky lid, to a garage door or window.  The larger the object, the louder the sound.

    Boombox v2 stick on any smooth surfaceThe Boombox v2 is available in various retail outlets, and you can order them from Upbeat unbranded (min quantity: 6 units).

    But you can also now order these as cool promotional gifts, with your logo printed on the side.  A truly superb idea as a gift for gen Y-ers and gen Z-ers (and even gen X-ers!).  The Boombox v2 will ‘never’ be thrown away and will remind it’s owner of your brand every time they use it.

    The Boombox v2 makes for an excellent gift or reward for staff members and/or VIP customers.

    Please see our online ordering and quoting page for the Boombox v2 here, and ask us about extra special deals for large order quantities.  Or for very large orders, ask about custom base colours too!



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