• A few new tech product releases

    Posted on October 8, 2012 by PaulM in New products.

    Our manufacturers and importers are releasing new stuff all the time.  Here are a few items fresh off the production line, now all available for your custom branding…


    USB Flash Drive Square Plastic Square USB Drive

    This cool little guy is brand new on the market, featuring a neat twist action to poke the business-end of the USB in and out.

    4cm square; 11mm thick.

    Available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

    Pricing includes your logo in up to 3 colours printed on the face.


    USB Plastic PenPlastic USB Pen

    USB pens aren’t new, but we haven’t seen many done in plastic before, which makes them a little cheaper than the metal ones.

    Another plus is the clip-in clip-out action (rather than unscrew), which keeps the pen nicely usable which the USB is plugged in to your laptop.



    CPR AR452S Retro HandsetRetro Handset for your smart phone!

    This cool rubber-finished piece comes complete with answer button and adjustable volume control, and groovy 1980s-style coiled phone cable.  Also: Keeps your phone away from the side of your face while you talk!

    Available in black, red, blue and yellow.



    More items coming soon!

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